NEFPV Spring Feat Meet

In May of 2015, NEFPV will host our first Race Event.  We have been working collaboratively to create a series for racing FPV planes.  These plane are low cost, fast to build and easy to fly. With these wings we plan to spearhead an FPV race event in the Northeast United States.  The event will take place May 15-17, 2015 east of Albany, NY.  Any and all FPV pilots are encouraged to register and come race with the NEFPV crew.

There will be several individual races at the event, so many different skill levels and aircraft are included.  We will have the following race events:


  • Micro FPV Multirotor Race
  • Micro FPV Fixed Wing Race


  • NEFPV Spec Racewing 10 lap 200m Oval Race MAIN EVENT
  • Unlimited 200m Fixed wing Oval Race
  • Unlimited 250mm Multirotor Race
  • Unlimited Multirotor Race


  • Fixed Wing Proximity Course
  • Multirotor Proximity Course


  • IBC Kick The Can
  • Limbo Challenge
  • Farthest Groundpounder


To register, click here.
Registration includes pilot fee and gear inspection by official. All aircraft, transmitters and groundstations must be inspected by a race official.
To register for All FPV race events:  $50
To Register for All FPV race events including use of NEFPV SpecRaceWing: $80


Rules will be published


This event will be held on private property.  Camping is available.  There is no power or water.  There will be portable bathroom facilities. A generator for battery charging will be provided.  Charging off of automotive batteries is not allowed. Battery charging areas will be designated.
Camping Fee: $30 one or two person


Food will be provided.  The fee will include Friday night Dinner, Saturday Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Sunday Breakfast.
  $15 one day
  $30 two day

Non Pilot fee (good for whole event): $10

All funds go towards funding the event and providing the prizes. There is no profit generated by this event, and the organizer (Bender) experiences a financial loss for each event although it pales in comparison to the personal gain attained.

Event Date: 

Friday, May 15, 2015 - 7:00am to Sunday, May 17, 2015 - 6:00pm

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NEFPV is a registered not-for-profit corporation. All content is copyright NEFPV, Inc and not to be used without permission.

But seriously, just email us. We're very friendly hobbyists who want to help you out.


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