Getting closer

Wired up most of the ground station over the weekend. Nearly had enough time to finish, but fell just short. Will hopefully be able to finish it this week, at which point it will be fully operational - and then I can start writing up the instructions/build log for the darn thing.

Here it is powered on:


Starting to Build My Ground Station

The two major 3D printed components are now complete. The printing has finished, I've removed the support material, I've tapped all of the holes, and I've mounted all of the jacks and switches. This is the build equivalent of framing a house: an appearance of rapid progress soon followed by the appearance of no progress as I go about wiring up the guts and doing the detail work.

3D Printed Groundstation Beta 2

Did some updates to my 3D printed ground station. 


As it turns out, being stuck with an 8x8" build space is pretty limiting, plus today's components aren't designed for use inside of another box. As a result of the latter, I've shelved the idea of putting the radio components on removable carriers and instead have moved to mounting them on the back.

Ground Station Dreams

While working on my intermediate ground station, I've been slowly building the requirements list for the next version. With the next one, I'd really like it to be one complete ground station to rule them all, but I don't want a horrid mess of spaghetti wiring inside and I don't want the outside to look like a mainframe from a 1980s SciFi flick either. Not only is there beauty in simplicity, but when it comes to critical gear like this, there is also function in simplicity.

Ground Station Work

I've been slowly hacking away at my 3D printed ground station. The aim here is to create a ground station that is a single unit which is simple, clean, and reliable, and can set up at the field in under one minute. The one I've been hacking away at is an intermediate design before I dive into the final version which accomodates all of my desired components. 



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