Ground Station Work

I've been slowly hacking away at my 3D printed ground station. The aim here is to create a ground station that is a single unit which is simple, clean, and reliable, and can set up at the field in under one minute. The one I've been hacking away at is an intermediate design before I dive into the final version which accomodates all of my desired components. 

A few things have been hampering progress here:

  1. I don't have all of the components I want in my final design, so I can't take measurements off of them for modeling
  2. I haven't fully decided on all of the components I want
  3. I haven't fully decided on all of the features I want
  4. I don't want the front panel to be made up of more than one component
  5. I'm limited to an 8x8" build space, so item #3 becomes a major limitation
  6. I simply haven't had much time available to sit down with SolidWorks and rock out

The first 5 items really shouldn't hold me back too far. A big thing here is that it's all a brand new design for me, so I haven't had a chance to iterate, futz about, and see what works and what needs adjustment. There is a lot to be gained by blindly forging ahead to the point where prototypes can be made. The good news is that I'm almost at that point.

The pics below pretty much show where the CAD is. It is modeled for the non-sensical combo of an ImmersionRC Duo5800 and Uno5800. These are really just placeholders though. The pads on the front are toggle switches that I didn't bother fully modeling. They are power switches for the individual components inside, and they light amber when off and green when on. The circle is a cutout for the master power switch, a rotary toggle which lights green when on. The saddlebags hold 5000mAh 2S hard case packs. The RXes are on removable carriers which pop out by squeezing the tabs.

On the back, there isn't anything too magical. I'm toying with having hitching posts for cables when in storage. These may get scrapped in favor of simple hooks, loops, and tie-downs which are more flexible. The answer here will come from playing with a prototype.


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