Ground Station Dreams

While working on my intermediate ground station, I've been slowly building the requirements list for the next version. With the next one, I'd really like it to be one complete ground station to rule them all, but I don't want a horrid mess of spaghetti wiring inside and I don't want the outside to look like a mainframe from a 1980s SciFi flick either. Not only is there beauty in simplicity, but when it comes to critical gear like this, there is also function in simplicity.

What complicates the creation of a unified design is that none of this equipment was designed to be used together or even situated on the same piece of plexi. They are all different shapes and sizes; some have switches on the front, other have them on the top; some like 7V, some need 12V; some have displays, some don't, some have them on different faces than others; in general, it's chaos.

The list of feature and equipment wants that I've come up with so far is as follows. This is a bit of a living document, so I'll come back and edit as new things come to mind.

As of 08MAR2015, I'm dreaming of:

  • Equipment
    • ImmersionRC Duo5800
    • 1.3Ghz RX to be named later
    • DVR to be named later
    • ImmersionRC 25mW 5.8Ghz TX to be used as a repeater
    • 4-way video switcher
  • Power
    • Twin 5000mAh 3S hardpacks, hot-swappable
    • ImmersionRC PowerBox
    • 12V->5V stepdown converter or BEC (5A capable)
  • External connections
    • (3x) USB power
    • (4x) RCA video/audio output
    • (3x) 12V power
    • (2x) 7.4V power
  • Features
    • Twin voltmeters (1 per pack)
    • 1/4-20 mount for tripod
    • Illuminated switches (1 per component + master power)
    • Switch guards
    • External cable tie-downs
    • Carrying handle
    • NEFPV Logo (duh)

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