Exploring the world of Brotronics DIY projects

We have a funny saying in our group.

"Why buy something for $30 when you can build it for $300"

Definitely a double take moment, but the lesson here is if you love to work with your hands as much as I do, you get a certain sort of satisfaction by building something truly useful that you can't get with any store bought item.  It's typically guaranteed to take 10x longer than it would to swipe your credit card, but in all the time I've been following FOSS projects, every project brings some new and interesting insight that I simply would not have obtained any other way.  I wanted to document the many projects from Brotronics that he's shared with the world freely in the hopes that you can benefit from our hard earned experience.

This is not a complete list but here's a list of the Open Source electronics projects we as a group have dabbled in.

Buck Yeah LC Filter and Power Distribution Board

MinimOSD Mark 2


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But seriously, just email us. We're very friendly hobbyists who want to help you out.


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