Parkzone Extra 300 6S FPV Build

My very first RC airplane was the venerable HobbyZone Champ. It was a high-wing trainer which almost literally could fly itself. I loved it, my friend crashed it into my face, but I wished it could roll, flip, and do more exciting maneuvers a bit more gracefully. Next up was a Parkzone Ultramicro Mustang. It flipped well, it rolled well, it was much faster than the Champ, and I loved it. But the dihedral in the wing made it tough to fly inverted, and the size meant it struggled to carry even just a stripped down pen cam.

And then I got drunk one night and went on Amazon.

A day later, a Parkzone Extra 300 was at my door. It was fast, had legitimate aerobatic creds, and could comfortably carry a GoPro. I flew this plane line-of-sight for years. After catching the FPV bug, I knew I had to FPV a plane like the Extra. So, that's what I did, and this is how I did it.

Basic Specs:

  • Wingspan: 1030mm
  • Length: 935mm
  • AUW: ~1500g (980g stock)
  • Motor: RCTimer HP2826-770kV
  • Motor Mount/Adapter: SmallParts CNC F4F Wildcat 3536 Adapter
  • ESC: Turnigy Plush 60A
  • Prop: Various from 9x7 3-blade to 11x9 2-blade
  • RC RX: FrSky X8R
  • vTX: ImmersionRC 600mW 5.8Ghz
  • Video antenna:
  • Flight cam: PZ0420 or GoPro, depending on if I'm shooting video to share

Tools you will need for this build:

  • Hot glue
  • Your favorite foam cutting razors. I like disposable #11 and #15 surgical blades for this.
  • Japanese Whiskey
  • #2 Philips Screwdriver
  • #4 Philips Screwdriver
  • #10-24 tap
  • #4-40 tap
  • Soldering iron (optional)

Components and Hardware:

  • (8x) #10-24x.375" SHCS. Either plastic or stainless, you pick.
  • (8x) Washers
  • (1x) Extra 300 Accessory Frame (3D printed)
  • (1x) Extra 300 Accessory Mount, Front (3D printed)
  • (1x) Extra 300 Accessory Mount, Rear (3D printed)
  • (3x) 4" Servo Extension

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