Hellbender 204 v2 Build Guide


Back in October, I managed to win a nearly complete ReadyMadeRC kit while at the NEFPV Fall Feat Meet. Took a little while to find the time and clear off the bench (or maybe that should be 'fine the time to clear off the bench?'), but here is the build guide. It's also the first build done end-to-end in my updated workshop - definitely a nice step up from the beat up old desks I had in there before.

BTW, here's a Pro Tip™: If you see a huge 8x8ft table that's overflowing with prizes, BUY RAFFLE TICKETS.

To do the build as shown, you're going to need the following items:

That should be everything. Let me know in the comments if I've forgotten anything.

With that out of the way, let's take a look at the BOM in pics (I know, I know - you told your wife that you read NEFPV for the articles) just in case you've forgotten what FPV gear looks like. Don't spend too much time staring though. We've got a build to do!





BrainFPV RE1 and mPB


Camera Mount: 



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