Dronekraft Mach300GT Build

Dronekraft Mach300GT Build

Needed a new project for the Christmas hiatus, so I decided upon the just released Dronekraft Mach300GT frame. You can read all the specs on their website, but this is one serious frame. 3mm CF all around and capable of 7" props. 

These guys are from NYC, which is one of the reasons I went with this frame (support local business!) and it's just a beautiful design. I was lucky enough to have this frame hand-delivered to me last week (along with a sweet DK t-shirt!) by Ryan from Dronekraft (Thanks Ryan!)

Their packaging is very nicely done. From the clean white box with the single red logo to the red packing material, to the individually wrapped parts. Very slick.


One of the Mach300's selling points is the PCB power distribution board (3mm thick!) and integrated LED running lights (that be switched off easily with a jumper) 

The carbon fiber pieces are so nice looking, it's going to be a shame having to stick stuff on them ;)

Going 4s on this build and it'll be my first 4s mini. Using Cobra 2208/2000 motors and Rotorgeek 12a ESCs. Going to be doing some torture testing of my own with these. Soldering up my own PowerTower openLRS rx. Havent decided on 1.3 or 5.8 yet. 

 As for a flight controller, i'll be using the just released Brain, from fellow NEFPV'r BrainFPV. It's based on Tau Labs and features an onboard OSD. 




Dronekraft Mach300GT

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