Configure Your PZ0420 FPV Board Camera

Since everyone always asks about the best settings for this camera I thought I could save you some time by stapling up JoeSa3rd's setting for this camera.

As originally posted here by JoeSa.

PZ 0420 Camera Settings
Len: Manual
Shutter: Auto
Brightness: 065
Level: 063
Whire Bal: ATW1
Backlight: OFF
Day & Night: Auto (I actually like to keep this to Color -Sj)
D->N Level: 080
D->N Delay: 3 sec
N->D Level: 032
N->D Delay: 1 sec
DPC: Dead Pixle Correction: Just ignore this setting
Cam Title: OFF
Motion: OFF
Privacy: OFF
Park. Line: OFF
Image Adj:
Lens Shad: OFF
Mirror: OFF
Font Color: Just ignore this setting
Contrast: 090
Sharpness: 031
Display: USER
Gamma: 0.55
PED Level: 023
Color Gain: 245 <This is the key to these settings
Neg. Image: OFF
Comm Adj: Just ignore this setting


I used the settings listed and I can gladly report that the picture is very nice in the daylight. I have not tried in twilight  or dark conditions, but will report back when I do.



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